Friday, July 29, 2011

Face of the Day: Bright Dramatic Eyes

I wanted to start doing face of the day blog posts. When I go out at night I usually do a dramatic smoky eye, but I wanted to change it up. I went to Las Vegas with some friends and I purchased some items from Inglot cosmetics. The Inglot colors I purchased were perfect to try a new look that night. I knew I wanted something dramatic, but I didn't know exactly what to do. I looked at my Inglot eye shadows for inspiration and I found it!  Here is the look...
The look is bright yellow lids topped with glitter with teal shadow smudged under my eye

My eyes closed so you can see the glitter. Also, I'm wearing fake lashes

My flash did not capture the true color of the eye shadows, but I used yellow and the teal color blocks
I did a peachy cheek and paired it with a nude lip to complete the look. I love to do a dramatic look whether it is a pop of brightness or a sultry smoky eye. What looks have you done when you go out or travel to Vegas?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

IMATS 2011- Haul

It has taken me forever to post this blog! I’d like to think of this as “the mother of all hauls” IMATS style. I went crazy, but I’m very happy with all my products. Also, I had fun doing a photo shoot for the products! I split the products up by company for the shoot. If you have any questions regarding any of the products  please leave me a comment below. Enjoy!

Too Faced, products from left to right: Tanning Bed in a Tube, Glitter Glue, Poolside Primping (it's a gift for my friend! I hope she doesn't see this before I give it to her. haha), sample of Primed and Poreless, Starry Eyed Glitter eye liner, and Shadow Insurance 
I haven't bought any of these products before so I'm very excited to try them out. I actually do have the poolside primping myself, and I really like all the products that comes with it. Most of the products are full-size, and I thought this would be a perfect gift for my friend. I hope she likes it!!

How I will use some of the products:
  • Starry Eyed Glitter: It's such a pretty blue glitter and it stands out a lot more by topping it on a color liner. I bought from Stila that would be perfect (scroll down to check out the Stila liners)
  • Glitter Glue: I want to try it on its own with globs of glitter placed on top OR topped on an eyeshadow with glitter to add some sparkle to the look.  
Sadly, Sigma was not selling products at the show, but they were passing out a coupon voucher and a deluxe sample of their new eyeshadows, LOVE them! The ladies at Sigma are so sweet.

NYX cosmetics: glitter eye liners on the sides and glitter shadow palette (center) I still need to play around with the palette
How I use the liners: I've been topping them over my liner (I usually use black, but sometimes a color liner that pops) and it adds the right amount of glitter without looking too overdone. If you want more glitter add a few extra coats.
MakeUp ForEver products from left to right: lipstick, Uplight #23, Mat Velvet+ #40, Uplight #22, Gloss #6
I use the Uplight by applying under my foundation or mixing it with my foundation. The lighter color I use as a highlighter, usually over my foundation.
Stila products from top to bottom: double ended brush #33, sparkle waterproof liquid eye liner in royal, electric, starry, and bora bora
I use the brush as a concealer brush. It looks big, but it's perfect for me. I apply my concealer with the small end and blend with the larger end.
Silk brushes left to right: 2 Crease #BE17, Super Foundation #C142, Short Liner #C456, LG Smudger #C445, and Contour Shadow #C265 

 Model in a Bottle from top to bottom, left to right (like an L-shape): Eyebrow Sealer, Lash Builder, 2 Model in a Bottle, and Makeup Remover
Check out my post on Model in a Bottle by clicking here.
Eye Kandy Sprinkles Kit: 2 Brushes, Base (in the bag), and Glitters

Sour Grape, Sour Blast, Sour Berry, Candy Coin, Double Bubble, and Tiny Tart

Products from right to left: Miss Adoro lashes #28, SUN self tanning foam, Napoleon Perdis lipgloss, Senna lip liner, Lime Crime lipstick, and Miss Adoro lashes #1

I love everything I got at the show. I don't know why it took me so long to post this blog, but I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any of the products above and use them in a creative way let me know how, I would love to know about it. Thanks!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

IMATS 2011- Events

Part two of my IMATS 2011 trip. There are so many things to do at IMATS. One of the things I really wanted to do this year is get my makeup done by Tiffany D! I have been watching her YouTube videos since about the time she started them. I think she is very talented, informative and I like her different techniques when applying makeup. I’ve always wanted her to do my makeup and I had my chance this year at IMATS! My first to do was to get to the sign up before it filled up. I was nervous since I wasn’t one of the first in line to get into the showroom. IMATS already started and I was still in line to get my wristband. I practically ran over to the Sigma booth for the sign up. I probably looked crazy to the ladies at the booth when I approached because I was nervous I might have missed my chance, but as it turns out I was the first to sign up!! I got my appointment time and I needed to be there 10 minutes early to keep my spot.
This is just a glimpse of how crowded it was. Photo courtesy of Michelle Lim. Thanks Mi!
Lots of people

As my appointment time approached I made my towards the Sigma booth and it was so crowded. Everyone was there to see Tiffany and take pictures. I checked in and I was about five minutes early. When I was introduced to Tiffany she was absolutely sweet and it was so nice talking to her. She did a purple eye look on me from Sigma’s new Flare palette, which I need to get soon. I loved the look and I was so happy I got to meet Tiffany. Below are some of the photos my friends took during the makeover.
Makeover time!

Tiffany applying the new Sigma shadows!

Adding the finishing touch. Photo courtesy of Mimi!

After the makeover! Photo courtesy of Mimi
Later I was walking by a company Sun Laboratories and I wanted to buy some of their tanning foam. They were spray tanning people and I really wanted to get it done, but I was wearing pants. I wasn’t about to take them off for a spray tan! This year, I wore shorts and it worked out great. When I was getting ready to get sprayed I asked the woman, “Should I take off my sandals?” Her reply was that it wasn’t necessary. When I show you the pictures below I’d like to know what you think. Was it necessary or not to take off my sandals? The spray tan developed throughout the day and to be honest by the end of the day, I thought I couldn’t see a difference. The color on my leg was my natural color. My friends kept telling me that I looked really dark, but I didn’t believe them. It wasn’t until I lifted my shorts a little to compare the bare part of my leg with the sprayed part. It was night and day. It was as if the bottom portion of my leg went on a vacation somewhere tropical and sunny and the upper portion went somewhere in the arctic. I have to say I really liked the tan color, and I’m glad I purchased the tanning foam.
Getting sprayed, it's cold

Remember she told me to it wasn't necessary to take off my sandals.....

I think maybe I should have taken them off. hahaha!
I have been really obsessed with glitter lately and I got my fix at IMATS this year. Eye Kandy was demonstrating their product on everyone who wanted it. They had so many different colored glitters, it was amazing! I decided to get a purple glitter as my eyeliner to go with the purple shadow I was wearing. It was such a pretty color and I ended up getting six glitters. I’m so excited to use them all.
Swatches of the glitters

Close up
After IMATS my friends and I went to the Beautylish event at the Sheraton Hotel. The theme was a cupcake meet and greet. How cute is that?!?!? This was my first Beautylish event and it was awesome! I’m actually very shy and this experience made me feel so comfortable and I talked to everyone around me. The event was the perfect end to a perfect day!!
Cuteness! Photo courtesy of Mimi!

The signing board

My contribution, & I really do love Beautylish!!


These are just a few of the things that are at IMATS. There is so much to do in one day, but I did everything I wanted and I’m so happy I was able to meet Tiffany, get an instant tan, embrace my glitter obsession, and enjoy a cupcake with beauty lovers.  

Friday, July 1, 2011

IMATS 2011- Highlights

I’ve decided to breakdown my IMATS trip into three posts. The first (this one) will be an overview of everything that happened with lots of pictures. The second will include the events the booths were doing (makeovers, new product demos, etc) and I took part in. Finally, the third will be a haul post of all the products I got at the show. Hope you enjoy them all!!
A quick rewind… If you read my post on past IMATS shows you know I have been anxiously waiting for IMATS 2011 to come. Every year I have so much fun trying out new products, seeing what is new in the beauty world and taking pictures of all the makeup looks around me. It’s really nice to have a weekend dedicated to cosmetics and makeup artistry. It’s a weekend I look forward to every year, and this year was no exception. Every year I try to have a game plan with my friends to ensure we get to do everything we want to do. Some years a game plan helps, while other years there is no point in having one. I hope these pictures give you an idea of the excitement at the show. If you were there tell me about your experience in the comments below!!!!     
Testing out some of the aqua liners from Stila & Makeup Forever before the show


Crowd walking into the showroom

Line for Makeup Forever, I think

Too Faced 2011 fall collection, I can't wait!

Eye Kandy glitter sparkle eye liners

Bird woman

Artist at work

This was the student competition makeup area

Student competition, this year the theme was Tribal Beauty

Another makeup creation by an artist

Another artist at work

This looked so creepy in person

Dull face and body makeup with prosthetics

I zoomed in on the hand, it looked so creepy

One of the student competition entries

Sadly, they did not place, but I really liked this look



He looks so proper in this photo

Body airbrushing
I hope you enjoyed the pictures, please tell me what you think. I had such an amazing time at IMATS this year. It's only been a few days, but I can't wait until next year!! The countdown begins....