Sunday, July 10, 2011

IMATS 2011- Haul

It has taken me forever to post this blog! I’d like to think of this as “the mother of all hauls” IMATS style. I went crazy, but I’m very happy with all my products. Also, I had fun doing a photo shoot for the products! I split the products up by company for the shoot. If you have any questions regarding any of the products  please leave me a comment below. Enjoy!

Too Faced, products from left to right: Tanning Bed in a Tube, Glitter Glue, Poolside Primping (it's a gift for my friend! I hope she doesn't see this before I give it to her. haha), sample of Primed and Poreless, Starry Eyed Glitter eye liner, and Shadow Insurance 
I haven't bought any of these products before so I'm very excited to try them out. I actually do have the poolside primping myself, and I really like all the products that comes with it. Most of the products are full-size, and I thought this would be a perfect gift for my friend. I hope she likes it!!

How I will use some of the products:
  • Starry Eyed Glitter: It's such a pretty blue glitter and it stands out a lot more by topping it on a color liner. I bought from Stila that would be perfect (scroll down to check out the Stila liners)
  • Glitter Glue: I want to try it on its own with globs of glitter placed on top OR topped on an eyeshadow with glitter to add some sparkle to the look.  
Sadly, Sigma was not selling products at the show, but they were passing out a coupon voucher and a deluxe sample of their new eyeshadows, LOVE them! The ladies at Sigma are so sweet.

NYX cosmetics: glitter eye liners on the sides and glitter shadow palette (center) I still need to play around with the palette
How I use the liners: I've been topping them over my liner (I usually use black, but sometimes a color liner that pops) and it adds the right amount of glitter without looking too overdone. If you want more glitter add a few extra coats.
MakeUp ForEver products from left to right: lipstick, Uplight #23, Mat Velvet+ #40, Uplight #22, Gloss #6
I use the Uplight by applying under my foundation or mixing it with my foundation. The lighter color I use as a highlighter, usually over my foundation.
Stila products from top to bottom: double ended brush #33, sparkle waterproof liquid eye liner in royal, electric, starry, and bora bora
I use the brush as a concealer brush. It looks big, but it's perfect for me. I apply my concealer with the small end and blend with the larger end.
Silk brushes left to right: 2 Crease #BE17, Super Foundation #C142, Short Liner #C456, LG Smudger #C445, and Contour Shadow #C265 

 Model in a Bottle from top to bottom, left to right (like an L-shape): Eyebrow Sealer, Lash Builder, 2 Model in a Bottle, and Makeup Remover
Check out my post on Model in a Bottle by clicking here.
Eye Kandy Sprinkles Kit: 2 Brushes, Base (in the bag), and Glitters

Sour Grape, Sour Blast, Sour Berry, Candy Coin, Double Bubble, and Tiny Tart

Products from right to left: Miss Adoro lashes #28, SUN self tanning foam, Napoleon Perdis lipgloss, Senna lip liner, Lime Crime lipstick, and Miss Adoro lashes #1

I love everything I got at the show. I don't know why it took me so long to post this blog, but I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any of the products above and use them in a creative way let me know how, I would love to know about it. Thanks!!

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  1. Just awesomeness!!! I have product envy...should've gotten the uplight and I totally want the poolside primping!! Love all the products you got!