Monday, May 9, 2011

Gel Nails

The first time I heard about gel nails I was so interested in getting it done. It took a few months to actually do it. I heard good things and bad things. The salons I’ve been to included a manicure in the price. I know some places don’t include manicure in the price. Yikes, that adds up! They clean them, shape them, and buff them. They actually buffed my nails more for the gel nail process. Then the gel painting began. I did the gel nails that needed to be cured by UV lamp. It took about 20 to 30 minutes for that part. I have done gel nails three times since November 2010, and each experience has been slightly different. I have pictures below to show you my nails with gel nails.
First-time ever getting gel nails: The salon I went to just got the gel nail system a few days before I got it done. (Maybe that should have been a red flag!) She applied three coats of color plus base and top coat. I application of color was uneven and some spots had less color, but I still thought the color was pretty. I got it done during Thanksgiving, so at that time I was cooking and cleaning a lot. They did chip about four days after I got it done. They were really easy to take off though, it peeled right off. I paid $30 for the service including a manicure.
First day: a friend of mine recommended I go to her nail salon. I was so happy I did. This was the second time I went to that particular nail salon. I chose a bright pink with glitter. It was such a pretty color. I loved it!!! And you get to see how shiny it looks. I paid $20 for the service including a manicure.

You can really see in the picture below that she did a nice even coat of color for all the nails.
One Week Later: There is some growth and no chips!!!!!!!!! That’s the best part and they still look shiny. I took them off a day shy of two weeks, but I didn’t take a picture of what they looked like. Sorry! It was just a bit more growth and you could definitely see my nail growing it. So there was a small section with no polish.

I probably should have cleaned the skin around my nails. Sheesh!
Gel nails pro:
·         It can last up to TWO weeks!!!
·         They don’t have to shave down your nails like they do for acrylics
·         There is no dry time, so no chance to mess them up (I’ve experienced that a few times. So upsetting!)
·         My nails were so strong while I had the gel on them
·         Nails look shiny the entire time
Gel nails con:
·         When taking the gel off (in my experience) it weakened my nails
·         It can be expensive, depending on where you go
Occasions to get gel nails:
·         When you travel (you wont have to worry about bringing polish, or remover with you)
·         Weddings (don’t stress about whether your nails will last)
·         For fun, create an occasion!
Conclusion: Try it out, but make sure it’s a salon you trust!!! I know I will get it again. J

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  1. I LOVE GEL NAILS!!! Great post! Also, you posted on my birthday! Awesomeness! =)