Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sigma Brush Kit- Make Me Crazy

I’m going to be reviewing Sigma’s Make Me Crazy brush kit I recently purchased. I am going on a mini trip to Vegas next week with my boyfriend Mark. Usually when I go on a trip I pack so many brushes and makeup. This time though I want to test and see if the Make Me Crazy kit is enough for a trip to Vegas for a woman who always over packs. Does it have everything I need? I’m not reviewing the quality of brushes. I love Sigma brushes; this isn’t the first kit I’ve purchased from them and probably won’t be the last. I am familiar with their line and I love them. In case you are not familiar with the line; they have amazing quality brushes and they’re affordable! What’s not to love about that?!?!?!? One thing before I continue I am not taking the foundation brush, I personally prefer the F80 (Flat Top Kabuki). I haven’t used a foundation brush since Sigma came out with the flat top kabuki (my brush still has the old numbering! J). Stay tuned to read all about the results from my trip……  

I did it!!!!!!!!!! This may have not seemed like an extreme experiment, BUT for a woman who always packs a ridiculous amount of brushes I wanted to see if I could do it. It was definitely fun to use brushes in different ways. I don’t really use a duo fiber face brush (F50), but I finished my look with powder using it and I fell in LOVE! It gave such a polished clean look. This set is perfect for a weekend trip, mini vacation, or an overnight stay. I think for a longer vacation I would pack a few more brushes, but this is a great start for it. Also, I love the case for it. It fit nicely in my suitcase and it didn’t take up much space, and I think most of us know any extra space in a suitcase is nonexistent (at least for me), especially when going to Vegas! So the case is perfect.
Brushes I loved:
·         Duo Fiber (F50)- perfect to give any look a flawless finish
·         Large Angle Contour (F40)- perfect for cheeks
·         Tapered Blending (E40)- perfect blending brush
·         Eye Shading (E55)- perfect for packing on the color
Brushes I missed:
·         Short Shader (E20) - I believe that is the numbering I have the old numbering on it. Perfect for applying color under your eye
·         Large Powder (F30) - Again, I have the old numbering. Perfect for applying bronzer and I applied a lot in Vegas!
·         Flat Top Kabuki- I know I cheated by bringing my flat top kabuki, but I can’t live without it! I would have missed this one if I didn’t bring it. perfect for giving your foundation an airbrushed look
This kit includes a lot of my favorite brushes so I was very satisfied with taking it on a trip. I’m going back to Vegas in July and they’re definitely coming with me plus a few extras.


  1. i would love to try this brushes i ve heard so many good things about them and i love the color :)

  2. Will look into these brushes. Have fun in Vegas! But, remember, what happens in Vegas, must not stay in Vegas. You need to blog about it :)

  3. @nit- You should def try out the brushes. It's good buy and they're great quality!

    @Lunachat- thank you! I got to relax and had a lot of fun. Wish I got more color on my skin though :( Next time!!

    AND thank you both for commenting!! :)